Heavy Duty Sleepers

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New in Stock / 250mm * 125mm

Heavy Duty Decking

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New Pressure Treated Sleepers

garden sleepers in hertfordshire

100mm * 200mm
Various Lengths from 1.8 mtrs to 3.6 mtrs

From £13 each

Reclaimed Sleepers


From £15 each

Grade A

A “Grade A” railway sleeper is a “used” sleeper in very good condition. It will have bolt holes where the tracks were attached to it and a small amount of damage or slight wane is acceptable to one edge. It is very sound, free from rot and can be used for stacking, building retaining walls and many other uses where a clean straight edged appearance is essential.

Grade B

A “Grade B” railway sleeper is also a “used” sleeper with all the same characteristics of the Grade A above, but can have slight damage to one side and perhaps a small amount of rot to the under-side where it lay on the ground under the tracks for decades. It should have at least two good straight edges so can also be stacked and used to build retaining walls etc.

Heavy Duty Decking

garden decking supplies in hertford

Long lasting quality and exceptional value!

From £1 per mtr.


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